Creating a ripple around the world. One woman at a time, one story at a time!

The concept of Behind those Heels is the vision of Cassie Ferrer who met a group of well-dressed, accomplished, and confident women from her volunteer network. These women shared unexpected stories on how they overcame their challenges and found fulfillment in their lives. Cassie was instantly inspired by their uplifting stories. In talking to these remarkable women, Cassie realized that behind those heels, every woman has a story and she made it her personal vision to share these stories to inspire women around the world.

Teaming up with Debbie Belnavis-Brimble, Inner Brilliance Coach and Mentor to women, #1 International Best-Selling Author and Publisher, who shares a similar passion, and currently supports women in sharing their message through her publishing brand Carnelian Moon Publishing. This led to the birth of the movement that is Behind those Heels.


To create a movement of women sharing their powerful stories using various platforms including podcast, books, and events, encouraging others to take action and seek support to enhance their lives.


To inspire and empower millions of women worldwide by sharing powerful stories of extraordinary women through multiple platforms.


To inspire women around the globe to seek fulfillment and live a life with purpose, by sharing powerful stories and messages of remarkable women who have led extraordinary lives.

We document the journeys of women and share their stories through multiple platforms, including books, podcasts, events and so much more. The goal to bring out these stories is to provide hope and possibilities, to inspire, and empower others to make bold decisions about their own lives then take massive steps to enhance their lives in positive ways.

The very first Behind those Heels book was released in November 2020, sharing the stories of ten extraordinary women who are making a difference in the world through their work. We are always looking for new guests for our podcast, so if you are interested or if you know someone who has an extraordinary story to share, point them in our direction.